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CSI Implementation Blue Book - CEPT

Procedure to get a CGHS Plastic Card

Eligible serving employees/pensioners have to apply in the prescribed form (available on CGHS website and in the wellness centers)

The form should be completely filled up with individual photographs pasted as specified in the form
Following documents need to be attached
In case of serving employee:
Proof of residence.
Proof of stay of dependents.
Proof of age of son.
In case of differently abled dependent son above 25 years, disability certificate from competent authority as specified.
In case of pensioners:-
In addition to 1 to 4 above: Surrender certificate of CGHS Card (only if CGHS Card was issued during Service Period).
Attested copies of PPO/Provisional PPO/Last Pay Certificate (in case PPO is not readily available immediately after retirement.)
Demand Draft in the name of “PAO CGHS New Delhi” (in case of Delhi) or Additional Director of the CGHS city where the card is to be made.
The amount of Demand Draft will be for contribution due for one year if the card is to be made for yearly renewal basis and for 10 years if whole life card is required.
Dependency criteria- In pursuance of the recommendations of the Sixth Central Pay Commission, it has been decided that for availing the medical facilities under the scheme, parents (or parents-in -law in case of female employee), unmarried son till 25 years of age, dependent unmarried/widowed/divorced/separated daughters and sisters, minor brothers will be deemed dependent on the Government employee if they are normally residing- with him and their income from all sources including pension and pension equivalent of DCRG benefit is less than Rs. 3500 +DA per month. This criteria does not apply to spouse and disabled son irrespective of age (please see definition of disability in instructions for filling CGHS card)
Channel of submission:-In case of serving employees the application is to be submitted through the department after due endorsement. In case of Pensioners the application with enclosures are to be submitted to Addl. Director (HQ) in Delhi and concerned Addl. Director of the city.
Provision for making pensioner CGHS card while in Service:-
A serving employee can apply for a pensioner CGHS Card along with his pension papers.
Application with enclosures and bank draft is to be forwarded to the CGHS through the office of the employee. The pensioner Card will be issued on the day of retirement (provided it is applied for at least six weeks before retirement date) and will get activated from next day.
Addition/Deletion of names in CGHS Cards
On the death of the main card holder, the card becomes invalid and fresh card has to be applied for by the spouse after he/she starts drawing the family pension. Old CGHS card and a Death Certificate need to be attached with the application.
A serving employee on marriage or on the birth of his/ her child may get the names of spouse /child added to the card after submitting the form for addition duly endorsed by his department
After the death of spouse and death/marriage/employment of a son/daughter/dependent it is the responsibility of main card holder to inform CGHS for necessary deletion of the card
Validity of the CGHS Card
The service card will be valid till the date of retirement if otherwise the employee is eligible.
In case of yearly contribution pensioner cards, in order to continue validity, contribution is to be made prior to completion of the continuing year.
In case of transfer of serving employee to a non CGHS covered area the service card will be valid for the family members up to six months after transfer provided CGHS contribution for 6 months is made before hand .
CGHS card is valid in all CGHS cities for treatment/investigation/Hospitalization. There is no need for transit permit to get treatment in another CGHS city except for receiving high value medicines classified as “lifesaving”/restricted supply medicines for which temporary attachment to a wellness center is required.
Transfer of CGHS Cards
In case of serving CGHS beneficiary transferred from one department /ministry to another in the same city, the same CGHS card will continue. The new department/ministry will duly inform CGHS so that necessary changes can be made in the database of the employee. In case of transfer of a serving CGHS beneficiary from one CGHS covered city to another, the CGHS card is to be surrendered in the existing city of posting and a new CGHS card is to be issued from the new city of Posting.
CGHS Card for Pensioners residing outside CGHS Cities
Pensioners residing outside CGHS covered area can opt for a regular CGHS Card or an IPD (Indoor treatment) CGHS Card with fixed medical Allowance (in lieu of OPD treatment) from the nearby CGHS city. IPD card holders will not be eligible for OPD treatment & issue of medicines from CGHS Wellness Centers.
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Application Forms available for download for Plastic Card

Applying Leaves in CSI Platform

Monday, 28 August 2017

Computerized Passenger Reservation System (PRS) terminals provided in Post Offices

Request for allowing revised option NCJCM letter To MOF

Ph.: 23382286
National Council (Staff Side)
Joint Consultation Machinery
For Central Government Employees
13-C, Ferozshah Road, New Delhi – 110001
E Mail:
Shiva Gopal Mishra
August 24, 2017
The Secretary,
Ministry of Finance,
Department of Expenditure,
North Block,
New Delhi
Sub:- Revised Pay Rules. Rule
Ref:- This office letter of even number dated 06/06/2017
Dear Sir,
We solicit your kind reference to our letter citied above. Copy of which is enclosed for your ready reference.
We had requested that the employees might be provided with another option to switch over the new pay scale in replacement of their earlier option, in view of the interpretations made by the Zonal Accounts officers over the probable benefit of such option. We had also enclosed relevant orders issued by the Department of Expenditure in 2008 in a similar situation. As no action has been taken so far, we shall be grateful, if you will kindly get the matter examined expeditiously and requisite order issued without further delay.
Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
(Shiva Gopal Mishra)

Functioning of Departmental Councils – Information regarding

Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
(Department of Personnel & Training)
Establishment (JCA-I) Section
North Block, New Delhi
Dated August 21,2017
Subject: Functioning of Departmental Councils – Information regarding
The undersigned is directed to say that this Department has been issuing instructions from time to time for holding regular meetings of Departmental Council with a view to making effective use of Joint Consultative Machinery (JCM) Scheme. In this regard, the latest reminder was sent on 13.04.2017 (copy enclosed)
2. From the information received, it has been learnt that Departmental Councils have not been constituted in all Ministries/Departments and in some cases, though the Departmental Councils have been constituted, regular meetings are not being held. It is also to be submitted for kind information that guidelines regarding constitution of Departmental Council are given in JCM Brochure which is available in the public domain on the website of the Department…>Department of personnel & Training (DOPT) ….> Downloads …> Acts & Rules …> Brochure on JCM & CA.
3. The JCM Scheme provides for Departmental Councils at the level of individual Ministries/Departments, including their attached and subordinate offices. The Staff Side of JCM, however, has been complaining that regular dialogue with the Staff Side through the mechanism of Departmental Councils at Ministry/Department level is not happening. Meetings of Departmental Council at periodic intervals are essential as they help in resolving differences between the Government and the Staff Side.
4. It is, therefore, requested that the relevant information, as asked for, on the Departmental Council meetings held during previous 5 years may kindly be sent at the earliest.
(D.K. Sengupta)
Deputy Secretary (JCA)
Telefax No. 2309 2982

CGHS Wellness Centre allopathic at Imphal

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
Office of the Additional Director Central Govt.Health Scheme
Nongrim Hills Shillong – 793 003
No. CGHS/ESTT/RECTG/62/114_68
Dated : Shillong, the 23 August, 2017.
Sub: Opening of a Central Govt. Health Scheme, Wellness Centre (allopathic) at Imphal
This is for information to all eligible Central Govt. employees / pensioners and other stake holders that, a Central Govt. Health Scheme (CGHS) Wellness Centre sanctioned vide Govt. of India, Min. of Health & Family Welfare, CGHS (P) Division Order No.S.11045/1/2013/HEC, New Delhi dated 17th November 2014, will be functioning by 28th August 2017 at Ground Floor, MVHA building, Wangkhei, Ningthem, Pukhri, Mapan, Imphal – 795 001 to provide comprehensive medical facilities to the beneficiaries.
The scheme will cover the Imphal city and all eligible Central Govt. employees and their dependent family members, Central Govt. pensioners and their dependents and others eligible as per CGHS guideline residing in Imphal city.
The working hours of the CGHS Wellness Centre will be from 7:30 am to 02:00 pm in all working days except Sundays & holidays.
For further information / clarification, please contact Sr. Medical Officer, in-charge, CGHS WC Imphal at 0385-2442104 / 7678335406
Additional Director
CGHS, Shillong

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Increase in minimum pay and fitment formula

Increase in minimum pay and fitment formula - Note Submitted by JCM National Council staff side to senior officers committee headed by Shri Pramod Kumar Das, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure on 14th August 2017.

To view the letter addressed to Additional Secretary, Govt. of India, Department of Expenditure, please here

Additional benefit on death/disability of Government servant covered by NPS

"It is once again reiterated that the aforesaid instructions may be followed scrupulously and to review all the cases for ensuring the payment of family pension, disability pension and extra-ordinary pension to the NPS subscribers in case of death/disability"

New Delhi, Dated: 23/08/2017
The GMs/FA & CAOs,
All Zonal Railways/Production Units.

Subject: Additional benefit on death/disability of Government servant covered by New Pension System - clarification regarding.

Please refer to the instructions issued vide Board’s letters No. 2008/AC-II/21/19, dated 29/05/2009, No.2010/AC-II/21/18 dated 02/07/2013 and 13/07/2010, letters of even number dated 08/09/2014 and 13/01/2016 on the above mentioned subject.

2. Now, one of the recognized Federations (NFIR) have again raised the issue of non- compliance of the above instructions by Zonal Railways and reluctance on the part of Railways in providing additional relief to the widows of NPS subscribers/ NPS subscribers who have been declared invalidated. The Federation have also stated that Zonal administrations are not taking initiatives to ensure additional relief in terms DOP&PW’s D.M. dated 05/05/2009 and that they are reluctant in providing additional relief on death and disability of NPS subscribers.

3. It is once again reiterated that the aforesaid instructions may be followed scrupulously and to review all the cases for ensuring the payment of family pension, disability pension and extra-ordinary pension to the NPS subscribers in case of death/disability. Further, Zonal Railways are also advised to sensitize the administration at lower level towards the problems faced by the employees and their families.
(G.Priya Sudarsani)
Joint Director, Finance (Estt.),
Railway Board.

Cabinet approves setting up of a Commission to examine the Sub-Categorization within OBCs

Press Information Bureau
Government of India
Cabinet approves setting up of a Commission to examine the Sub-Categorization within OBCs
The Union Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi today approved a proposal for setting up of a Commission under article 340 of the Constitution to examine the issue of sub-categorization of the Other Backward Classes (OBCs).
The Commission shall submit its report within 12 weeks from the date of appointment of the Chairperson of the Commission. The Commission shall be known as the Commission to examine the sub-categorization of Other Backward Classes.
The proposed terms of references of the Commission are as follows:
(i) To examine the extent of inequitable distribution of benefits of reservation among the castes/ communities included in the broad category of OBCs, with reference to the OBCs included in the Central list.
(ii) To work out the mechanism, criteria, norms and parameters, in a scientific approach, for sub-categorization within such OBCs, and,
(iii) To take up the exercise of identifying the respective castes/communities/ sub-castes/ synonyms in the Central List of OBCs and classifying them into their respective sub-categories.
The Supreme Court in its order dated 16.11.1992 in WP(C) No. 930/1990 (Indra Sawhney and others vs. Union of India) observed that there is no Constitutional or legal bar to a State categorizing backward classes as backward or more backward and had further observed that if a State chooses to do it (sub-categorization), it is not impermissible in law.
Nine States of the country viz., Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Puducherry, Karnataka, Haryana, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Bihar, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu have already carried out sub-categorization of Other Backward Classes.

NCJCM – National Anomaly Committee related letter of the JCM (Staff Side)

No.NC-JCM-2017/7th CPC Anomaly
Dated: August 23, 2017
Dear Comrades
Kindly refer to your letter requesting us to take up certain issues in the National Anomaly Committee. We, having considered the definition of the anomaly and the ambit of the NAC, taken up the issues which are placed on our website. Some of the issues brought to our notice are actually “demands” in the charter and, we have reserved the same for taking up in the Standing Committee as Agenda.
These, apart from department specific items/issues, i.e. pertaining to one single department, are to be taken up in the Departmental Anomaly committee.
If you have any objection over our decision in the matter, kindly write to us or call on us immediately. No requisition received after 30th August 2017 may be able to be considered by us.
With greetings,
Yours fraternally,
(Shiva Gopal Mishra)

Source : NCJCM

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

GDS Commission report, Cadre Restructuring, & 7th CPC salary for TSCL latest position.

SGFNPO met the DDG’s on 22/05/2017. The outcome of the meeting is as follows:-

GDS Commission report.
1. GDS file is still with MOF, last week Department replied to all the queries raised by the MOF. It is expected that the MOF may clear the file within fifteen days. Other formalities may take ten to twenty days. We expect that GDS commission report will be implemented either in the last week of September or in the First week of October 2017.

2. Cadre Restructuring .
The committee proposes to visit Odhisa, Gujarat, Rajasthan & Tamilnadu were the CRC order was implemented.  After their visit, it is expected that the committee may submit its report to the Department in the 2nd week of September.

3. 7th CPC salary to TSCL
 The action is being taken by the Department to get the order from the DOP&T.

LTC 80 Fares List – 1st August 2017.