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TA On Transfer - 7th CPC Analysis and Recomendations

Presently it has four components: (a) Travel entitlement similar to Travelling Allowance, (b) Composite Transfer and Packing grant (CTG), (c) Reimbursement of charges on transportation of personal effects, and (d) Reimbursement of charges on transportation of conveyance.
Personnel posted in Island Territories have sought higher CTG on account of greater expenditure involved in transferring their household goods to and from the mainland.
Besides other demands for increase in entitlements, it has been brought to the notice of the Commission that when transfer is from a Class Z city to another Class Z city, the reimbursement for transportation of personal effects is granted at a lower rate compared to when the transfer is to a Class X or Class Y city. Uniformity has been sought in this regard.

Analysis and Recommendations
Each of the four components is discussed separately:

a. Travel entitlement–This is discussed under the topic of “Travelling Allowance.”
b. Composite Transfer and Packing Grant (CTG)–The Commission notes that CTG is payable to both serving as well as retiring employees upon their transfer at a similar rate of one month’s Basic Pay last drawn. In line with our general approach of rationalizing the percentage based allowances by a factor of 0.8, it is recommended that CTG should be paid at the rate of 80 percent of last month’s Basic Pay.
However, for transfer to and from the island territories of Andaman, Nicobar and Lakshadweep, CTG may continue to be paid at the rate of 100 percent of last month’s Basic Pay. Presently NPA and MSP are included as a part of Basic Pay while determining entitlement for grant of CTG. The Commission finds no justification for doing so, as the expenditure and inconvenience involved in relocation on transfer/retirement is similar for all employees. Hence, no other add-ons should be allowed in Basic Pay while calculating CTG.
c. Reimbursement of charges on transportation of personal effects–The following provisions are recommended:


By Train/Steamer

Rate for Transportation by Road

12 and above

6000 kg by goods train/4 wheeler wagon/1 double container

₹50 per km

6 to 11

6000 kg by goods train/4 wheeler wagon/1 single container

₹50 per km


3000 kg

₹25 per km

4 and below

1500 kg

₹15 per km

The rates will further increase by 25 percent each time DA rises by 50 percent.
The Commission notes that rates for transportation by road are already on a per km basis, and finds no merit in differentiating between classes of cities for this purpose.
Hence, considerations of class of city have been done away with.
d. Reimbursement of charges on transportation of conveyance–The present provisions to this effect are adequate. Accordingly, the following is recommended:

6 and above
One motor car etc. or one motorcycle/scooter
5 and below
One motorcycle/scooter/Moped/bicycle


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